Saul Levin

Gap Dynamics


About the Artist

Gap Dynamics is the stage name of Saul Levin, a folk-punk singer-songwriter, activist and environmentalist from Michigan. He writes and performs driven acoustic songs to tell stories about hope, solidarity, and growth in confronting issues including climate disruption and malice. He often integrates his musical performance with his activism, playing at rallies and demonstrations.

Levin began writing songs at the age of ten, played drums in bands through middle and high school, and continuing to pursue his music while at University of Chicago, where he majored in environmental studies. He has been resident artist and caretaker at Burnside Farm in Detroit and has performed around the Midwest and east coast at rallies, cafes and campfires. Levin draws inspiration from musicians including Langhorne Slim, Katie Lee, Gilberto Gil, and Birds of Chicago. He lives in Cambridge and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in urban planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he is active in many environmental groups.

City perspective

Musicians, who have the potential to energize a crowd and animate collective vision, often accompany social and political movements. Even songs that may not have been written to rally a crowd have the capacity to become anthems that are remembered long after a movement has ended.

As a presenter, connector, and funder of the arts in all forms of practice for the benefit of the public, Cambridge Arts believes in the power of artists to make change and make a difference - to move us, to gather us, to calm us, or to provoke and awaken us. If we need to act collectively as well as individually to address climate change, and if the environmental movement requires generations of persistence, then we want musicians to be in our midst.

The Cambridge Arts Street Performer Program issues free permits to artists who wish to present their work in public areas throughout the city. Permits are valid for one calendar year. In addition, our annual grant program welcomes applications from artists working in any format who have a project designed to take place in Cambridge and will directly benefit the Cambridge community. Visit for more information.

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